Singapore Marketing Planning

Our company made marketing planning for SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL in Singapore in 1996, and carried into practice successfully.

SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL was the biggest scale shopping mall in Singapore with about 270 retail stores, restaurants, a French supermarket and a multi-cinema consisted with 5 small ones along both sides of 1000-meter-long shopping piazza, which has more than 83.850㎡ space for commercial tenant. It is a "One Station" large scale shopping center for shopping, food and entertainment with characterized by 4 different shopping zone giving pleasant and cozy living style for tenants and customers. The engineers and designers of SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL chose one corridor plot insuring every shops easily showed and seen.

Singapore Marketing Planning4

SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL is the most marvelous commercial building in Singapore nowadays, and serve the first class integrate harmony circumstance to various business services, information communication, assistant and amusement activities.

On the other hand it is located at the center of center business area where is the best in business locations. So if you want to expand your business in Singapore the Asian Business Capital, why not take the unique advantage of SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL?

SUNTCH CITY SHOPPING MALL is made of Beauty Corridor, Tropical Zone, Entertainment Center, and Fortune Spring which are 4 theme shopping rooms connected together. The symbol of Beauty Corridor is green palm leaves collected the world famous clothing brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Esprit, Topshop, Furla, Wax Lyrical, Morgan, Hugo Boss and so on. There is a Singapore Travel and Tourist Service Center here. A friendly yellow sun signal is the symbol of Tropic Area.

People can buy what they want for professional goods and service in more than 150 stores which can satisfy all kinds of demands not only for Singapore Marketing Planning3sport and leisure from children to olds but also youth fashion interest,as well as several professional service such as bank, dental and clinic. The spring roof garden is marked by two blue handwriting strokes symbolized water stream, where there are all kinds of restaurants and fast food sellers and the tourists can watch spring show here. The entertainment center is marked by red framework and show the cheerful atmosphere where there are a French high class chain-supermarket Macro squared 13,006㎡,a cinema consists of 5 rooms with the most advanced equipments and all kinds of entertainments special stores.