China Plaza

China Plaza

China plaza is located at the common boundary of Zhongshan San Lu and Jiaochang Xi Lu, east to the biggest green plaza-Hero Plaza, north to Guangzhou Martyr Cemetery, neighbor to Guangzhou biggest telecom market. And formed a "Golden Triangle" center business area for relax, amusement, and shopping. The Martyr Cemetery A Exit and Fashion Line Mall connected with China Plaza underground floor1 , from where can get customers and passers to China Plaza .The customer stream is about 150,000 usually in China Plaza according to partial statistic; and to 200,000~300,000 on holidays. It takes support of place and people to become the second largest shopping zone in downtown after the Teem Plaza. It has perfect functional equipment including 69 elevators,10 customer lifts,6 cargo lifts, and set the longest outside and vertical sightseeing lift in Singapore so the customers can reach any floor conveniently. There is an automatic car parking place as the biggest one in china at the underground 2-4 floors of China Plaza qualified by entire computer-control system can provide more than 1,200 ports to the demand now.

Function Introduction

Car park and Motorcycle part mall at underground 1-4.

Besides the large-scale motor categories of motorcycle parts and repair instruments mall at the under1 floor, There is an automatic car park as the biggest one in china at the underground 2-4 floors of China Plaza qualified by entire computer-control system can provide more than 1,200 ports to the demand non holidays.

First floor famous brands gallery

The China Plaza 1st floor famous brand gallery collects a lot of world famous brands some loved by Guangzhou white collar group such as FORNERI, COOZZI,AZONA, and youth prefer BALENO,E&U,CY,COTTONSHOP etc, besides there are all kinds of fashion clothes, shoes, leather and so on, and the clothes here have different characters, composed with all kinds of fashion elements: Romance, Elegance, Simplicity, Hippy, Sport, and Luxury.

JUSCO department store at 2-3 floor

Jusco is famous Japanese department store giant in south-east Asia, which is acknowledged by the good quality and full various of commodities. You can enjoy yourself and make good shopping there.

Wonderful Century China Department Store at 1st -4th floor

China Department Store business space is 10,000㎡, and main business is middle and high class home appliances, clothing, and sport travel instruments etc. The character here is: divide space according to customers segment so to shop in shop and shop inside shop pattern. 10 theme shopping area allocated in 4 floors, being wonderful, cozy and pleasant shopping environment, and it is the 1st private owned department stores corporation.

China Digital City at 4th floor

The China Digital City is the 1st high-tech demonstration center, and the 1st free internet bar in China where pool Chinese and abroad top technology brands; NOKIA builds its 1st concept shop in china, MOTOROLA, ERICSSON , SIMENS , SAMSUNG, GZSC etc; and Tianlong, Airline, CAV, Lesong etc top stereo and video machine shops, bring you enter the 21st century high-tech digital world, and enjoy new living style and pattern at IT age.

Modern China Furniture City at 5th floor

People become enjoying their lives more and more, after an exhausted and busy work day, people choose furniture and decorate the house to have fun. Modern China Furniture City at 5th floor is one of the best furniture products market at quality, band and specie in Guangzhou ,and the 9 best furniture companies in Guangzhou all have shops here. So no matter what is your appeal is: elegant, luxury , classical, delicate , or modern simple, you will find your favorite here is absolutely top place to pick furniture in city.

Phoenix Culture Center and Yichuang Books City at 6th floor

Phoenix Culture Center is a super community culture center laying out classical and modern design china, classical furniture, root sculpture, garden art, ethnic handcrafts and so on, performance of Chinese culture antiques to the customers as a window, a fantastic place for the Chinese antiques fans, a specialized market for Chinese ancient collections, and a city new shopping hot place for tourists.

Yichuang Book City is capability of books more than 100,000 from technology, Instrument, Art to native and abroad masterpieces attracting many literati.

China Food Plaza at 7th floor

China Food Plaza is nowadays which business area is the biggest as well as dishes & flavors are most all ready in food service places in Guangzhou. There are Huarong Palace restaurant for Cantonese dishes, Japanese sushi restaurants with many youth fans, South Korean restaurant where you can enjoy the Korean delicious food and careful service. Besides there are more than 50 booths which sells various food from different countries containing more 1,200 people. It is a convenient food supplying plaza.

Film City at 8th floor

The China Plaza has 4 high-class rooms with a super screen, and adopt 1.2m design and fixed luxury seats. It is the top one of Guangzhou and only one the metro can reach.