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Guangzhou is a city with more than 2800 years history, all the advantages taken by Dongshan district which only exist for only 100 years, it is a place full of dignity and peace.

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The best season is always in Dongshan because the green trees and colorful buildings.

Where the most 3 flourish marketplaces in Guangzhou Dong Shan Jin Xuan is at Nong lin Xia Road 2nd , 28 floors, apartment, cinema , restaurants, recreate, and shopping, a modern multi-functional classic commercial and residential building.

The apartments are good at market because of the high quality and have been sold out now, Our company are devoting to cooperate with famous supermarkets and famous brand stores for commercial property rent for a new crystal department store.

Our company persist to a management idea that build a brand, train a worker team for a constantly growing project, and extend making use of the advantages of local human resource, technology , info and experience to improve management of the companies expand real estate business at Pearl River Delta (Dongguan, Qingyuan) and so on.

3 Effect of Metro Stores

Magnetic Effect

There are 200,000 passengers per day at 1# line and average 300,000 monthly take the path from every station stores much beyond the marketplaces on ground.

Chain Effect

The customers can get the emporiums, stores, shops and marketplaces alone the metro lines like a chain.

Win-win effect

The metro is conjunct of the Shangxia Jiu Road, Beijing Road and Dongshan kou. There are million of passengers passing by there every month.