Fortune Plaza

Fortune Plaza——Fortune and Ability , Fortune and Wisdom Fortune Plaza1

CBD fortune leader and mark of Chinese office building

Fortune Plaza takes first position of Guangzhou CBD, north to Citic Plaza and Guangzhou East Station, south to Teem Plaza, east to Pacific Technology Valley, and on 2 metro lines across Tiyu East Road.. It has location in center area and excellent design, named as Chinese new top office building.

Fortune and Wisdom Mix at Fortune Plaza at Tianhe CBD Guangzhou


It is built on 2 exits of Metro NO.1 line and NO.3.

Wall Street

It is at "Guangzhou Wall Street" Tiyu East Road, where almost 100 banks, bond companies, insurance companies have offices.

World Famous Companies at Here

It attracted world 500 most power companies and Chinese 500 to settle here to occupy south China business-highland. What they can do for Chinese Economy?

** They can change business benefit structure in China;

** hey can increase China world competition;

** Next reform of resource optimizing and conformity for Chinese superior companies can be affected by their office building choice.

Fortune Plaza3

Best Platform

It is most important for enterprises that information financial crisis ware, data pool, and over seas transportation in globalization. Fortune Plaza can help companies to settle this problem by most superiority 5A management system and make more profit.

Brief of 5A Intelligentizing Management
Communication Automatic System(CBS) Fortune Plaza4 Fortune Plaza5

CBD Business Resource Optimizing Integration Foundation CBD

Fortune Plaza2