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Guangzhou Health City No.1

"One station" emporiums exclusive to health food causing healthcare consumption trend in city.

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Guangzhou Health City assembles beauty and diet products, exercise instruments, green food, and medicine supermarket. Which is the only health food marketplace in Guangzhou, symbolized the health food market golden age coming, and accelerating health food business revolution from south China to whole country.

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Health Consumption Main Stream

Unlimited Potential of Health Food Market

Character Is Productivity & Health Food Plaza Is Money Pool

The health food are sold and promoted in pharmacies and stores in the past, which will make mess bad and good, the companies were hard to make the brands image and spread, on the hand, competition was becoming vigorous, many health food companies want to make their market separate from medicines and drugs, and begin their step to specialization, characterization, and centralization, make forward path for health food.

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Rich East River Shore & Good Market

Focus On High Income Group

Guangzhou Health City

It occupies the best place at East River Shore where more than 300,000 rich people live.

There are more than 10 1st class communities which draw whole city eyes for the good condition and living service and more than 300,000 people live here, they have good income, good quality, and high expenditure, role important part at work, need more healthcare, and hope they can get it promptly, they are very possible to be loyalty consumers of the Shopping Center.

Xiadu Road is regarded as "the 2nd Jiangnan West Road", more and more shops for food, entertainment, sport and shopping locate here such as Mcdonald, Daoneijia, Mingdian Plaza, chain stores along side the street.

Xindu Road is the only business center in this district, its value is rising and being the next biggest benefit place.

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Good Road Good Money

Professional Management for Long-term Good Business

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Consolidated Management:

Consolidated management and separate operation of sellers can avoid competition deterioration by too many same quality products and bastards, make win-win for merchants.

Consolidated Advertisement:

Health City takes the task of all kinds of promote activities and advertisements for all merchants to make good use of respective resource, can not only cost be cut off, but also attraction be improved highly. And the developer deposits advertisement fund of more than 1,000,000 to make good preparation for a super open.

Consolidated Service:

Service decide value, service promote profit. The service system of Health City includes health food consult, professional shopping guidance, bookstore etc, and make promotions every year, try the best to satisfy the customers, improve their brand-loyalty; the merchants service system include host industry conference, experts meeting, academic meetings for knowledge exchange , and organizes business research, afford the merchants newest industry information.




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