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Enter Mall Age

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The business structure start to carry out reform in people living after China entered WTO, the living mode of shopping, recreation, and entertainment separately is away from contemporary people living requirement, so a new and higher business mode "MALL" emerge. MALL is combined of multi-business modes, invents a brand new One Station consumption culture upgrade the only material enjoyment to mental pleasure, orient the main stream of Chinese commerce.

In China government, academe, media and consumer have focused on mall and its foreground. From early 2002, malls are popularizing in China, get attention and track report from national wide medias, and studied by academe MALL will become one of the most valuable economic revolutions for Chinese commerce. China Mall Age is coming.

Mall History

Mall History---it has had 3 periods:

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Mall Change Chinese Commerce

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MALL combines shopping, recreation, sightseeing, and culture, which is very popular in Europe, America, Japanese and South- east Asia. It is the best commercial mode to supply goods and service national wide in China now, it can make customers enjoyable as if they were in park, if they look shopping at leisure and social behavior. MALL will change the traditional commercial pattern, bring Chinese consumer fresh living style and buying habbit.

South China MALL

South China MALL is at Wangjiang town Dongguan Guangdong prov, which is at the inland and center area of Pearl River Delta, and middle station of express and train line net of Shengzhen-HK-Guangzhou.

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South China MALL is established in a city with population of more than 40 million and the biggest super theme shopping center in south China even to whole country. The developers set out research, planning and reasoning for 3 years, took the international super MALL experience adapt to Chinese commerce situation.

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Area Competition

South China MALL is at the entrance of 107 road and highway Shengzhen-Guangzhou, and the light rail Shenzhen-Guangzhou line in plan will get through. Wanjiang Bridge, San-huan Road Bridge, Quhai Bridge, Wu-huan Road Bridge connect new and old parts of the city. Si-huan Road, Wandao Road, Nei-huan South Road, Center East Road, and Center West Road form a transportation network, the location is super and easy to get, nearby the Dongguan long distance bus station, city bus station, Dongguan delivery station, all of them unit the goods delivery foundation and center of Dongguan and Pearl River delta area.

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Business Circle accumulates consumption

The government of Guangdong Pro. devotes to developing transportation net which is acknowledged as the most advanced in China. After WTO, the price of car decrease dramatically, the number of private cars is on rise, estimate Chinese private cars will be in peak period in 2003-2006.Then it will become trend that families drive to the suburb and spend the weekend staying in malls.

South China Mall Shopping Paradise----Happy City

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South China Mall is principled by standing out the themes and cause warm, comfortable, on the scoop atmosphere by culture and sight circumstance. From humanity, customers enjoy pleasant shopping, from the pure material enjoyment to upper mental nice experience, lead living fashion and trend that people need pleasure and feast everywhere.

Watching Mall by boat, shopping and sightseeing at same time, which will become the symbol of fashion , and South China Mall will become a commercial dream land.

Plan up to world

A water path is at axes of South China Mall, there are 7 days characteristic theme areas, show the world famous shore cities separately. If people come here, will be on the scoop for a long time.

Theme areas: California beach, Amsterdam, Venice, Paris , Arab desert, South American shore, Tropic forest. The biggest is entrance plaza, California path and children playground.

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South China Mall Effect

South China Mall- 1st china super theme shopping park, as well as the largest and most powerful super mall.

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Media Report South China Mall

From the beginning of 2002, Chinese medias reported "South China Mall phenomine2002", CCVT program Business Master made serial reports of it, in which many scholars extensively discussed Mall Effect, and analyzed mall economic situation, its feasibility in china and future influence on Chinese commerce. Especially highly praised South China Mall effective explosion.