Citic Plaza

Area Advantage, Blooming Center

Citic plaza is located at Tianhe Road North the richest and financial district in the south-china metropolis Guangzhou. It is near to Guangzhou East Station only 8 minutes by walk ,and at this station the express train from Guangzhou to HK is only for 1 hour and 3 quarters. More than 40 bus lines and Metro 2nd line start here, and Metro 3rd will get through under Citic Plaza soon.

The convenient traffic condition and location advantage ensure good business for tenants here.

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Apotheosis for modern plaza

Citic Plaza is an A class office and marketplace building for 80 floors, which is the landmark of Guangzhou.

The office lobby height is 17.7 meters, the unit area is 112㎡, totally 2500㎡ for one floor ,no any interspatial room and space is suitable. The whole building outside is covered by shining and strong glass wall on can the sky be seen which is a marvelous scene in the city, and the lobby wall is enchased by nice granite and marble, very magnificent.

Citic Plaza has satellite antennae, beam communication, center air conditioner, substitute power, 1,000 IDD Tel and fax lines, 34 imports Hitach speedy lifts, a 2-floor underground park with more than 900 ports. All the modern office equipments and facilities can be found here, which can promote the information exchange, business benefit and companies value.

Network new life, space time new concept

Citic Plaza3

Citic Plaza developer established the mansion with most advanced telecom technology, property management system, information network and security system, make residents and tenants can enjoy contemporary new living style here. If you live here, you can make true online permanence by VPN, IDC, ISDN, DDN, DIA.

Hotel service apartment-new life idea in capital

Citic Plaza apartment towers are built at the both side of the office tower and each has 38 floors. The lobby of entrance is 10 meters high with hotel style design keeping up with international community living standard.

The unit area is from 123 ㎡ to 182㎡ and meet to different demands. Every unit is equipped with a good brand air conditioner, a color TV, a wash machine, a water heater, an exhaust fan and furniture so convenient for living here.

The property management office gives experienced and skillful service as 5- star hotel quality and caring makes your home cozy and safe.

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Metropolis Fashion, Brands Pond

It is a fine work of international architects, the wide and grand shopping mall at center part for 4 floors, area reach 33,450㎡, the lobby height is 21.3m assemble many big brand shops show the world around fashion. The visitors can get anywhere of plaza by 3 sight-seeing lifts and 12 elevators.

There are many international famous design fashion brands set their stores here, such as Alfred Dunhill, Charles Jurdan, Giovanni Valentino, Episode, Jessica, Ports, Vasto, Enrico Coveri, Michel Rene and golf instrument shop, film studio, laundry etc. There are many restaurants such as Mcdonald , Guangzhou Donghai Seafood restaurant, Sky River Japanese Food, Fu Yin Men Restaurant, Thailand restaurant.

Leisure Chamber -- enjoy life

The chamber is luxury, total area is reach 5,000㎡, and equipped outdoor swimming pool, spa, exercise room, indoor golf training court, tennis, entertainment hall, cinema, and interesting children playground. The chamber has a coffee shop with crystal wall by a manmade lake, a platform garden with green trees, supply a private place for residents to enjoy good time and view the city splendid scene.

Classic Design of International Master

Citic Plaza is developed by Bearshell development (Guangzhou) Ltd. Which is organized by HK Construction cop, Shell Electronic Industrial (group) Lit, China Poly Group affiliated institution Citi Pearl Holding Ltd, and China Xing investment Ltd. Citic Plaza is designed by Liu Rongguang&Wu Zhenmin Architect Office, and contracted by Bearshell (HK) Ltd to build, and managed by famous Beijing Poly Property Hotel Management Cop. to guarantee neat and clean environment, security, building maintain and operation to international leading standard, so that we can keep the property quality and value of perfect design, building, and operation by united strong hands.

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